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Welcome to Vive Health

VIVE is a holistic organic health food centre that specialises in natural therapies.  Our Organic Online Supermarket and Vitamin Store stocks an extensive range of organic groceries, bulk foods, vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts and dried herbs.  Our difference at Vive Health  is that we are owned and operated by a team of qualified Naturopaths and Nutritionists whose aim is to provide professional guidance and friendly service.

Our philosophy at VIVE is “To assist every customer who comes to our Online Store to achieve optimal health”. We believe that with organic and chemical free foods; and, if necessary, the correct supplements; we can assist our customers to achieve optimum health & vitality.  We aim to assist all of our customers who suffer from compromised health to minimise their discomfort and accelerate recovery. Offering information to improve health is the greatest service we can offer. Once given the correct information our customers are able to make informed choices to support their health.

A passion for organics! Not only do we live and breathe our speech…we are passionately into organic food. Enough research is now out there to support the necessity of local organic farming as the primary sustainable option for our health, and economy.  Large conventional farming techniques are not sustainable at the rate in which the world is developing.  Herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, preservatives, colours, and flavourings all have a detrimental health effect. The work we do in our clinic repeatedly proves the health gains people achieve when many of these chemicals are removed and a healthy balanced organic diet is followed.

Holistic health, Conventional and Natural Medicines all have their place. We strongly advocate the balance of conventional and natural medicines. Individual primary health objectives are assessed from both a traditional and modern medical perspective. VIVE stresses the importance of a strong network of holistic medical Doctors, Naturopaths, Nutritionists, Homeopaths, Acupuncturists and Body Work Therapists.


Our History and Background

Taking a successful organic health food store and natural therapies clinic into the online market has been a goal of Marilyn Lemaire and Matt Steinacher since the opening of Vive in 2005. 

Matt began working with business partner Marilyn Lemaire during his years of study when he worked at, and later practiced from Sunnybank Health Foods which was owned and operated at the time by Marilyn.

With a passion for food and organic growing methods Marilyn and Matt began working towards the organic food concept. It was at this stage that their dream to own and operate an organic health food centre that focused on clinical practice was nurtured.

Almost 2 years of planning and designing went into the current Vive retail store.  However, shortly after opening it was realised that it would be difficult for our business to fully cater for our customers without moving into the world-wide web and offering products for sale over the internet.  As customer demand has grown for online trading, so too has the pressure to complete our business model by offering our customers the added value of being able to shop online

As practitioners of natural medicine with over 30 years of health food experience,  Marilyn and Matt understand the values of being able to give quality professional advice.  Similarly we also understand the requirement to follow that information up with quality food and health supplements of an equally high standard.  Our aim for our online business, similarly to our physical retail business, is to provide our customers with the most comprehensive knowledge on nutritional and herbal medicine anywhere in the world.  To enable this, Vive is staffed by a team of highly qualified health care professionals with a broad range of expertise in the latest research on Nutritional and Herbal Medicine.