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Katina Gleeson, Counselling & Hypnotherapy

Katina Gleeson is passionate about working with people to achieve their best personally and professionally. She has a powerful belief in people’s ability to make positive changes in their lives. Katina is a Mental Health Accredited Social Worker and Clinical Hypnotherapist.  As a Mental Health Accredited Social Worker there may be Medicare rebates available.

Through her experiences Katina has come to the realisation that all long lasting change happens at the unconscious level.

Katina derives enormous satisfaction from working with people to create a better quality of life and has been excited to see the positive, long lasting and meaningful changes that people have been able to achieve.

Hypnotherapy is a process which usually involves deep physical relaxation, a focus of attention and an intriguingly detached experience of parallel awareness. It is the process of inducing the hypnotic state and offering suggestions directly to the unconscious mind. The unconscious is everything that is not part of our present-moment or conscious awareness. It is a much greater part of our mind than the conscious mind and it is constantly influencing our thoughts and behaviour. The unconscious mind deals with all our body’s deep life-sustaining functions and is the domain of our beliefs, motivation, memories, past experiences and all we have learned. All of our thoughts and beliefs which control our emotions, habits and behaviour exist in our unconscious mind. In the hypnotic state the unconscious mind has increased receptiveness to change.

Hypnotherapy is the process of putting the trance state to work to resolve problems or enhance performance. Hypnotherapy is the created opportunity of utilising the trance to bring about positive. The real importance of hypnotherapy is the healing and emotional change that is experienced while in the hypnotic state and when the mind is open and receptive to suggestions.

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