Natural Sweeteners - in Australia

Honey, is there anything sweeter than not having to worry about hidden gluten? These sweeteners are safe for all with gluten allergies and intolerances. Don't rely on just sugar. There are many other natural sweeteners, such as rice syrup, apple juice concentrate, agave and xylitol, which are natural and gluten free.
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Absolute Organic 100% Pure Maple Syrup
from $12.25
inc. GST 10%
Absolute Organic Rice Syrup
from $6.55
Comvita Manuka Honey UMF 5+
from $32.95
Karo Corn Syrup
from $9.40
Lotus Carob Powder
from $5.50
Lotus Organic Raw Sugar
from $5.65
Melrose Organic Molasses
from $6.85
Nirvana Organics Stevia Tablets & Drops
from $7.15
inc. GST 10%
Niulife Coconut Syrup
from $11.95
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