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Hudson Graham, Physiotherapist

I embrace an educative and active approach to physiotherapy. I empower clients with understanding and strategies that fit within their lifestyle so that they can cope as independently as possible to achieve and sustain long term health and wellness.

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After originally studying Geology at university, Hudson pursued his interests in competitive triathlon and dressage. It was through his involvement in these sports that lead to his fundamental belief in correct biomechanical movement patterns and subsequently lead him to formalize this love of musculoskeletal medicine by returning to university to study physiotherapy.

Since graduating from the University of Queensland in 2004, Hudson has applied his skills to acute orthopaedic management, aquatic physiotherapy, elite sports people (especially triathletes) and even to the management of elite equine athletes. These skills have given him a reputation that demands interest from athletes both internationally and domestically.

In 2007 Hudson and a small group of like-minded physiotherapists began providing onsite services for BMA (BHP-Mitsubishi Alliance) at their coal mines in the Bowen Basin. Across the next 8 years the service the team provided was highly valued by both the workers and mine management. This experience provided the opportunity to prove that the application of their treatment approach was just as applicable and effective in a very challenging industrial setting as it is in the sporting arena.

Outside of physiotherapy, Hudson loves spending time at home with his wife and their two young daughters. He regularly takes advantage of the beautiful beaches and rainforest waterfalls near home. Hudson remains a very keen cyclist.

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