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Feminine Hygiene

A woman's menstrual cycle is a time to be embraced, not embarrassed. Still, using conventional sanitary products can leave women feeling a bit uneasy at that time of the month. Conventional plastic lined sanitary pads and napkins are not biodegradable, meaning that each time they're binned, a great number of these end up clogging up landfill. In addition, these products, along with tampons are usually made from bleached and chemical treated fibres as well as polypropylene and polyacrylates. Not only can these be harmful if absorbed into the body, but they can (and do) cause allergic reactions.

Luckily, better choices exist. All our sanitary products are free from added chemicals, bleaches, rayons, latex and plastics. Some are 100% organic, which means that they're also free from pesticide residues and are kinder to the environment. Finally, there is also a new range of sanitary napkins containing anion technology. This suppresses the growth of bacteria in the pad, deodorizes and is said to enhance comfort. In addition, all of our products are biodegradeable, which means that you can feel happier about not contributing to the burden of landfill.

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