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Bec Indiens, Youth Coach

Bec is very passionate about igniting children’s potential. Through her award winning programs and delivering the Standing Strong® program, she supports over 650 kids each year to grow their confidence, feel empowered, build resilience and to be inspired to be the best version of themselves.

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Her private youth coaching sessions are empowering, solutions focused, uplifting and personalised to specifically help your child find the answers to difficulties they may be facing.

Her sessions are practical, non-clinical, safe, supportive and are available in person from Vive Health Clinic or online.

Taking a village approach to support your child, Bec is here to help build your child’s emotional intelligence and develop practical well-being skills, to give your child a head start in how to manage life’s challenges as they come along.


  • Does your child lack self-confidence or a belief in themselves?
  • Do they need help building their resilience and growth mindset?
  • Do they struggle regulating their emotions?
  • Are they having a hard time managing tricky friendship changes?
  • Do they become overwhelmed in the school environment?
  • Are they going through any transitional changes at home?

Is your family going through a separation or divorce and would like additional support for your child through this period?

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