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Organic and Whole Food

At Vive Health, we believe in nourishing your body and mind with healthy food that is good for you, has high nutritional value and that tastes good. It is for this reason that we choose to supply organic food and whole foods that essential to living an optimal and high vibration life.

Difference between Organic and Whole Foods

Organic foods are grown and produced in ways which avoid using synthetic chemicals or genetic modification (non GM). They are also produced to strict standards of animal welfare and sustainability, aiming to provide the most natural, health-promoting and wholesome products. Some of the benefits of choosing organic include improvements in taste and nutrition, promoting sustainable practices for future generations, reducing your chemical exposure, protecting our environment and supporting small farmers.

Whole foods are those which your grandparents would recognise! Unprocessed, unrefined and with few or no added ingredients, these natural foods retain their health giving properties from ground to table. Whole foods aren’t necessarily organic - but if you do choose whole foods that are organic, you get the additional nutritional and health benefits associated with eating organic foods.

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