Breast Care and Lactation Support - in Australia

Breast feeding gives your child the best beginning to life and sets up a strong and healthy body. These products are designed to help support both mother and baby in this bonding activity, and to assist where there is a lack of milk production, poor flow or cracked nipples among other difficulties.

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Herbs of Gold Zinc Forte + C
from $32.50
inc. GST 10%
Nature's Child Organic Washable Breast Pads
from $25.30
inc. GST 10%
Pea Pods Nursing Pads
from $18.20
inc. GST 10%
Weleda Nipple Care Cream
from $33.95
inc. GST 10%
Weleda Nursing Tea
from $18.95
Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil
from $28.95
inc. GST 10%
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  • Run by Naturopaths and Nutritionists
  • Certified Organic Food
  • Gluten Free Products