Teas and Coffee - in Australia

We carry a number of dairy-free alternatives in our milk range such as organic, pesticide-free soy, rice, oat, almond and coconut milks. A choice of coffees from varying regions, organic and free-trade plus caffeine-free versions (Swiss water process).  Assorted organic teas (loose leaf and teabags) ranging from black, herbal, chai spice and dandelion.  Organic, non-concentrated juices that are also free of artificial colours and no added sugar. A variety of organic soft drinks and mineral waters (sparkling and still).               

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Chai Tea Co Green Tea
from $14.85
Chai Tea Co Rainbow Chai Tea
from $10.65
Chai Tea Co Spice Mix Tea
from $12.90
Hilde Hemmes Laxative Tea
from $17.80
inc. GST 10%
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