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This document forms part of the Vive Health website Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of sale.  The details in this document apply to the sale of all “Practitioner Only” labeled brands.

Your health is of first importance to Vive Health.  For these reasons, “Practitioner Only” products are sold with restricted access.  Customers are required to have been prescribed these products through detailed consultation with a health care practitioner.

When applying for “Practitioner Only” product access (including Metagenics) you must provide your practitioner’s details which are individually confirmed prior to membership approval. When forwarding your practitioner’s details you are confirming that you have been prescribed these products by your practitioner and you agree to the terms and conditions of this document.  At any time, Vive Health may contact either yourself or your health care practitioner to confirm your prescription, or request a current script with practitioner details, products required, dosage and duration of use.

Vive Health reserves the right to suspend or retract your practitioner account at any time.

Vive Health takes no responsibility for the sale of these products as they are prescribed for your own individual use by your personal health care practitioner.

Vive Health abides by the requirements of individual practitioner product companies and endeavours to sell these products with the best intentions of these companies in mind.