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BioGenesis Natural Australia Organic Chlorella

BioGenesis Natural Australia Organic Chlorella

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BioGenesis Chlorella comes in a mixed berry powder and tablets.

The mixed berry powder has delicious notes of strawberry, raspberry and blueberry, this flavour is everything you need to fight your sweet cravings! You will love the subtle natural berry taste and won’t be able to put it down! If you are a fan of our other Chlorella flavour Tropical, we think you will love this Mixed Berries Flavour Chlorella too. 

Chlorella is the highest source of natural chlorophyll on the planet. Our Mixed Berries flavour chlorella, as well as our complete range of Chlorella is naturally flavoured. 

Chlorella is a single cell freshwater algae that is one of the oldest and most nutritious plant life forms on earth. It's known as a "superfood" due to its incredibly high concentrations of essential nutrients including chlorophyll, beta-carotene, mixed carotenoids, and phytonutrients. It has vitamins, including D and B12, protein, minerals, including magnesium, Omega 3, 6 & 9 essential fatty acids, highly absorbable amino acids, nucleic acids, and a natural source of easily digested iron. CGF is a complex of cells found in the cell nucleus and research indicates it supports muscle growth and repair.

It's one of the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet with a wealth of scientific studies proving its effectiveness in various health outcomes going back as far as the 1950s. It's best known for its detoxifying, immunity boosting, anti-inflammatory, and heart health properties and has long been used as a natural supplement to boost energy, assist with fat loss, and support cleansing and detoxification.

Where is it grown:

Biogenesis Chlorella is organically grown in a pristine area of the Great Barrier Reef region of North Queensland. Bathed in golden sunshine the microalgae thrive in freshwater spring water ponds. We use an advanced energy efficient hydro dynamic irrigation system that simulates natural river flow.

When harvested we apply an advanced biodynamic technology to gently crack the hard outer cell wall. This ensures the valuable nutrients are retained for full bodily absorption. 

15 ways chlorella may boost your health:

1.      Immune Support

2.      Detoxification

3.      Liver Support

4.      Digestive Health

5.      Healthy Ageing

6.      Rich source of Iron

7.      Aerobic Endurance

8.      Assists Weight Loss

9.      Pesticides Detox

10. Boost Energy Levels

11. Muscle Tissue & Repair

12. Healthy Skin & Hair

13. Cardiovascular Health

14. Assists Brain Health

15. Detox Assistance BPA & PFAs

Australia’s only Licenced Chlorella grower. No.9298. Produced in a USA FDA accredited Bio Secure site.


Powder - 2 teaspoons daily with adequate water intake

Tablets - 6 tablets daily with adequate water intake. It's recommended when starting wholefoods like this to start with half the dosage first.



Australian Chlorella, Natural Flavours, Steviol Glycosides (E960).


Australian Organic Chlorella 96%, Binders:  Microcrystalline cellulose, dicalcium phosphate dihydrate, magnesium stearate




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