Blackmores Celloid S.C.F. (84 tabs, 170 tabs)

Blackmores Celloid S.C.F. (84 tabs, 170 tabs)

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Blackmores Celloid S.C.F. is a duo celloid® combination of silicon dioxide and calcium fluoride for connective tissue support.
Indications include:

  • Conditions affecting bone, tendons, ligaments
  • Abnormal nutrition and calcification of bone, tendon, ligament and cartilage (e.g. bone spurs)
  • Strengthens tooth enamel
  • Skin fissures (e.g. cracked lips, heels, anal fissure)
  • Promotes suppuration and initiates healing – to ripen abscesses, boils and sties and drive wastes outwards
  • Promotes expulsion of foreign materials such as glass or splinters
  • Profuse perspiration with strong odour, especially from the feet
  • Lack of growth, strength or vitality of fingernails or hair
  • Poor integrity of epithelial tissue (e.g. cracked heels, cracked lips, fissure, scar tissue)
  • Poor integrity of skeletal tissue
  • Imperfect or defective tooth enamel
  • Degenerative conditions of connective tissue (e.g. arthritis, particularly osteoarthritis)

Each tablet includes:

Silicon dioxide 33 mg
Calcium fluoride (homoeopathic 6x) 500 ng

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