Cinderella Stain Remover Spray

Cinderella Stain Remover Spray

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Living can be kind of messy, particularly messy when you have babies and kids in the house. Cinderella has created a non bleach stain remover that is perfect for all over your home. Removes all kind of blemishes from red wine on your light coloured carpet to spaghetti sauce on your expensive new top.

Remove stains without the fear of removing the fabric’s colour. The 100% plant based formula doesn’t contain petroleum distillates, chlorine, ammonia or phosphates and the surfactants (active cleaning agents) are based on glycosides found in plants. 100% biodegradable in 28 days with 90% biodegrading within the first 7 days after use. Directions: test on a small discreet surface area before commencing to ascertain suitability.


Spray on offending stain then rinse with a damp, warm cloth. Rinse with damp warm cloth using a light dabbing action. Advanced stains may require more than one application. Remember the quicker you treat a stain the easier it is to remove. Not recommended for delicate fabrics such as silk or suede. Ingredients: water, surfactants sourced from natural renewable resources, fragrant oils from natural and renewable resources, preservative. No bleach just lots of plant based stain removing active ingredients.

Cinderella Cleaning Products are made from renewable resources, ie petrochemical free. They work hard but when you have finished with them they degrade quickly (9x faster than standard surfactants) so they don't irritate the environment. Cinderella bottles are made out the most recyclable plastic PET.

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