Herbatint Permanent Herbal Haircolour

Herbatint Permanent Herbal Haircolour

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  • Henna Red FF1
  • Crimson Red FF2
  • Plum FF3
  • Violet FF4
  • Sand Blonde FF5
  • Mahogany Chestnut 4M
  • Light Mahogany Chestnut 5M
  • Mahogany Blonde 7M
  • Copperish Gold 9DR
  • Ash Chestnut 4C
  • Ash Blonde 7C
  • Copper Chestnut 4R
  • Light Copper Chestnut 5R
  • Copper Blonde 7R
  • Golden Chestnut 4D
  • Light Golden Chestnut 5D
  • Dark Golden Blonde 6D
  • Golden Blonde 7D
  • Black 1N
  • Brown 2N
  • Dark Chestnut 3N
  • Chestnut 4N
  • Light Chestnut 5N
  • Dark Blonde 6N
  • Blonde 7N
  • Light Blonde 8N
  • Honey Blonde 9N
  • Platinum Blonde 10N
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A herbal based permanent hair colour with aloe vera, no paraben, NO AMMONIA and only 3% peroxide. Herbatint grows out and hair re-growth will need re-colouring in approximately four weeks. Herbatint has fewer chemicals in than other permanent hair colours on the market and unlike products which contain ammonia it has no smell once mixed. The absence of ammonia results in little or no penetration of the epidermis and is less likely for people to have allergic reactions.

Herbatint is able to cover white or grey hair gently and without causing damage to your hair, which enables the chosen colour to last much longer. The natural series colours from 1N to 8N give 100% coverage of grey hair. In order to achieve total grey hair coverage with the Ash, Golden, Copper and Mahogany series of colours, it is suggested you mix the chosen colour (40ml) with a natural (N) series of the same number (20ml). For example: Your hair is chestnut and your selected colour is Copper Chestnut. Mix 40ml of Herbatint 4R (Copper Chestnut) with 20ml of Herbatint 4N (Chestnut).

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