L'Abruzzese Organic Pasta Kamut Khorasan Fettuccine

L'Abruzzese Organic Pasta Kamut Khorasan Fettuccine

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Made from 100% unbleached khorasan (ancient wheat that is 2x larger than wheat) flour - it is a wholegrain that is high in protein, fibre, higher mineral content like magnesium, has a high content of dietary antioxidants - selenium and zinc - and has a low GI. It is light in texture, rice-like in appearance and tastes similar to oatmeal but with a smoother, "buttery" flavour.

Other health benefits of Khorasan (kamut):

  • Contain higher protein content than normal wheat. Khorasan has up to 40% higher protein level than the national average for wheat
  • Contains higher percentage of lipids, essential amino acids, vitamins (B2, manganese, niacin, thiamin & copper in spelt) and minerals which produce more energy than carbohydrates. Khorasan is described as a "high energy grain"
  • Lower GI and better for people with diabetes or those with fluctuating blood sugar levels (starch in spelt is metabolised more slowly than normal wheat)
  • Contain more fibre and less glutamic acid than normal wheat
  • Is an anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory and cardio protective wholegrain / cereal


Kamut Khorasan flour, wheat flour and water

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