L'Abruzzese Organic Pasta Spelt Linguine

L'Abruzzese Organic Pasta Spelt Linguine

  • 375g
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L'Abruzzese Wholegrain Spelt Linguine is certified organic.

Spelt is a supergrain - it is packed full with great nutritional benefits [see below] and has a wholesome, nutty flavour.

Other health benefits of Spelt:

  • contain higher protein content than normal wheat.
  • contains higher percentage of lipids, essential amino acids, vitamins (B2, manganese, niacin, thiamin & copper in spelt) and minerals which produce more energy than carbohydrates.
  • Lower GI and better for people with diabetes or those with fluctuating blood sugar levels (starch in spelt is metabolised more slowly than normal wheat) contain more fibre and less glutamic acid than normal wheat


Certified organic spelt flour, Water

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