Microganics Green Nutritionals Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina

Microganics Green Nutritionals Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina

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Hawaiian Pacifica is the only Spirulina in the World that adds pure, mineral rich Deep Ocean Water from 2000 feet below the Pacific that contains a unique array of 94 trace elements – this valuable feature alone makes Hawaiian Pacifica the most complete and beneficial Spirulina on Earth

If you're buying another brand of Spirulina, then you need to ask the company who sells your brand the all important question, "Where on Earth is my Spirulina grown?" Why? Because the location on Earth where Spirulina is grown, the quality & type of water used in the growing ponds the growing & drying technologies employed in production and the type of packaging used for the finished products are the most important factors that contribute to the purity & potency of this amazing nutritional superfood.

Certified ORGANIC? NO. In 1995 Hawaiian Pacifica was the first Spirulina in the World to become CERTIFIED ORGANIC and remained so for many years. In 2005 The National Organic Standards Board of the US Department of Agriculture (NOSB) changed the organic growing regulations and after thorough research with another leading US Spirulina grower (Earthrise Farms) into the new regulations, Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina elected NOT to change their successful growing methods at the famous Cyanotech farms in Hawaii, simply to meet the questionable new US ORGANIC regulations "In our effort to be the global leader in high-value Spirulina, we implemented a new cultivation strategy which has led to these exciting results.

As a result, Hawaiian Spirulina now has more key nutrients than ever before including; • 167% more Zeaxanthin • 88% more Iron • 15% more Total Carotenoids • 62% more Vitamin B-12 This strategy, combined with our continuous cultivation methods, strict quality standards and patented Ocean Chill drying technology, solidifies our exceptional value proposition and nutritional leadership in the marketplace. Spirulina Pacifica has the highest nutritional content available among competing Spirulina brands." (Andrew H. Jacobson, Presidentand CEO, Cyanotech Corp, Hawaii) If you're already using Hawaiian Spirulina, remember, the way some brands choose to package this valuable superfood is critical to ensure the valuable nutrients present in Hawaiian Spirulina when it leaves the farm in Hawaii are STILL PRESENT when you get your jar home from the store - it's why Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina's unique LOCTEC™ Nutrient Protection Technology is so important when you buy Hawaiian Spirulina and your best guarantee of farm fresh potency.

Typical Nutritional Analysis  

Average Quantity Per 3g Per 100g
Energy 41.85Kj 1395Kj
Calories 10 333
Fat – Total <0.2g 5g
- Saturated <0.1g 2.2g
- Carbohydrate <0.5g 16g
- Sugars 0.0g 0.0g
Protein 2g 67g
Total Carotenoids 15mg 500mg
Betacarotene 6.75mg 225mg
Phycocyanin 519mg 17.3g
Chlorophyll 30mg 1g
Zeaxanthin 9mg 300mg
Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) 1080units 36,000units
AMINO ACIDS (essential)    
Isoleucine 2.9mg 97.8mg
Leucine 4.4mg 146.7mg
Lysine 2.3mg 78.6mg
Methionine 1.2mg 39.9mg
Phenylalanine 2.35mg 78.3mg
Threonine 2.6mg 84.3mg
Tryptophan 765mcg 25.5mg
Valine 3.3mg 112.2mg
Histidine 1.3mg 45mg
AMINO ACIDS (non-essential)    
Alanine 4mg 139mg
Arganine 4.2mg 143mg
Aspartic Acid 6.5mg 218mg
Cystine 504mcg 16.8mg
Glutamic Acid 7.6mg 253mg
Glysine 2.9mg 95.7mg
Proline 2.2mg 74mg
Serine 2.3mg 79.5mg
Tyrosine 2.1mg 71.4mg
Vit A (100% as betacarotene) 11,250iu 374,962iu
Vit E (d-a-tocopherol) 285mcg 9.5mg
Vit B1 (thiamine) 3.5mcg 117mcg
Vit B2 (riboflavin) 405mcg 13.5mg
Vit B3 (niacin) 1.4mg 48.2mg
Vit B6 (pyridoxine) 30mcg 999mcg
Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) 9mcg 300mcg
Vit K1 60mcg 2mg
Vit K2 15mcg 500mcg
Biotin 0.5mcg 16.7mcg
Folic Acid 6.2mcg 207mcg
Inositol 1.7mcg 57mcg
Pantothenic Acid 4.5mcg 150mcg
Calcium 10mg 333mg
Magnesium 15mg 500mg
Potassium 60mg 2g
Iron 6.5mg 216.6mg
Phosphorus 33mg 1.1g
Sodium 30mg 1g
Manganese 400mcg 13.3mg
Zinc 90mcg 3mg
Selenium 0.9mcg 30mcg
Molybdenum 12mcg 399mcg
Chromium 40mcg 1.3mg
Iodine 15mcg 500mcg
Copper 20mcg 667mcg
Boron 22mcg 733mcg
Omega 6 Family    
Gamma Linolenic (GLA) 32mg 1.07g
Essential Linoleic 33mg 1.1g
Dihomogamma Linolenic 1.59mg 53mg
Omega 3 Family    
Alpha Linolenic 44mcg 1.47mg
Docosahexaenoic (DHA) 44mcg 1.47mg
Monoenoic Family    
Palmitoleic 5.9mg 197mg
Oleic 510mcg 17mg
Erucic 72mcg 2.4mg
Other Fatty Acids    
Palmitic Acid 61mg 2g
Myristic Acid 400mcg 13mg
Stearic Acid 2.5mg 83mg
Arachidonic Acid 200mcg 6.7mg
Behenic Acid 144mcg 4.8mg
Lignoceric Acid 72mcg 2.4mg

Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina is also a rich source of enzymes, RNA, DNA, sulfolipids, glycogen and other potentially important nutrients.

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