Mikaela Duffy, Naturopath

Professional Interests

Women’s well being
Fertility (natural & IVF support)
Pregnancy and post natal health
Baby & children’s health
Baby weaning advice
Stress & fatigue recovery
Energy balancing – Reiki, BodyTalk System


Website – www.mikaeladuffy.com.au

Mikaela is a fully qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist and Birth Doula. Her interest in natural health developed after working for some years in the community sector, with adults with disabilities and mental health issues.  Mikaela undertook extensive training and working in 'energetic' and intuitive healing therapies in the UK in the late 90’s. This brought an appreciation for the importance of working with the mind, body and the spirit, and creating sustainable health practices.

Mikaela moved to Australia in 2003 to study Natural Medicine and Nutrition at the world renowned ACNM. This gave her a scientific and biochemical grounding in food, herbal medicine and the process of diseases. During her time working in clinical practice, she has developed a particular love for women and children's health, fertility & birth support.

Mikaela also loves to work with nutrition from an energetic perspective, taking into consideration the emotional imbalances that can be addressed with the synergy of healing foods.

Mikaela utilizes a broad range of tools tailored to each individual, including:
Nutrition advice
Herbal medicine
Nutritional supplements
Flower essences
Intuitive energy balancing & BodyTalk

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