Neoflam Retro 24cm Fry Pan

Neoflam Retro 24cm Fry Pan

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  • 24cm Mint Blue
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Replicating post war 1950s classic style with aesthetic cookware with a pebble-shaped lid knob, soft silicone grips, and warm curves which may even remind you of the comforting warmth of your own mother’s kitchen. Yet examine Retro closely, and immediately you can see the cutting-edge technology and precision engineering that are characteristic of all Neoflam cookware. Healthy Choice Cookware with a non-stick ceramic coating made from natural materials, sand & stone.

- Highly heat conductive with a thick base & thick wall for even heat distribution & reduced energy consumption

- Integrated steam vent hidden beneath the pebble lid knob, streamline appearance, preventing overflow

- Retains flavour & nutrition, together the pan & lid create a convection effect with more efficient cooking

- Pan handles are coated with silicone for a comfortable ergonomic grip

- Unique leaf-pattern base design adds a touch of natural beauty

- Lightweight cast aluminium cookware, 1/3 the weight of cast iron

- Eco friendly non-stick coating, FREE from PFOA & PTFE

- Oven proof up to 180˚C and casseroles without lids are oven proof up to 300°C.

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