Pea Pods Nappy

Pea Pods Nappy

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  • Pea Pods Nappy Small White
  • Pea Pods Nappy Small Cream
  • Pea Pods Nappy Small Pink
  • Pea Pods Nappy Small Blue
  • Pea Pods Nappy Small Pastel Green
  • Pea Pods Nappy Medium White
  • Pea Pods Nappy Medium Cream
  • Pea Pods Nappy Medium Pink
  • Pea Pods Nappy Medium Beige
  • Pea Pods Nappy Medium Pastel Green
  • Pea Pods Nappy Medium Bold Green
  • Pea Pods Nappy Medium Lime Green
  • Pea Pods Nappy Medium Red
  • Pea Pods Nappy Medium Aqua Blue
  • Pea Pods Nappy Large White
  • Pea Pods Nappy Large Cream
  • Pea Pods Nappy Large Pink
  • Pea Pods Nappy Large Blue
  • Pea Pods Nappy Large Red
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Pea Pods Reusable Nappies are the smart choice when it comes to choosing what's best for you and your baby, as well as what's best for the environment. Not only can Pea Pods save you around $1,000 per year compared to disposable nappies, but choosing to use cloth nappies can also help save the environment from being filled with unnecessary waste.

And, choosing Pea Pods will mean you don't compromise on two other important factors when it comes to keeping your baby dry - convenience and performance. Here's why... * Ultra absorbent - bamboo insert * Waterproof, breathable outer layer * Soft microfleece lining * Trim fit * Simple to use * Easy to wash * Comes with own travel/wet bag

Simple to use - simply insert the absorber and they are ready to use. No need for complicated prefolds or separate covers/pilchers. Ultra-absorbent inserts - made from a blend of super absorbent natural fibres, bamboo and cotton, Pea Pods absorbers will provide up to 4 hours protection. Bamboo is also naturally antibacterial and holds well under pressure avoiding the 'wringing out' effect when baby sits down

Night Boosters - simply place on top of the regular absorber for up to 12 hours protection overnight.

Soft microfleece inner lining - microfleece draws moisture away and keeps baby's delicate skin dry. It also helps prevent nappy rash as the area stays dry and is easy to clean as repels solids. Waterpoof outer layer - made of from high quality PUL (polyurethane laminate) our fabric is custom made to provide a soft, breathable and waterproof barrier, eliminating the need for a separate cover or pilcher.

Trim fit - adjustable fasteners, contoured back elastic and shaped leg casing have all been especially designed to create a snug, trim fit meaning not only do Pea Pods look stylish, they allow your baby to wear normal sized clothing over the top without being bulky and uncomfortable. Easy to wash and dry - Pea Pods are easy to wash and don't require daily soaking. Because the absorbent insert can be removed, they are also very quick to dry.

Range of sizes - because you can't expect the same size nappy to work well from birth to toddler without some compromise in fit and appearance, Pea Pods come in graduated sizes to ensure a perfect fit at every stage of baby's development. For most, the first two sizes will see the average child through to toilet training. Small for age 0 - 9 Months (4-9kg) Medium for age 6 Months - 3 years (8-16kg) Large for age 18 Month - Over 3 Years (15-22kg)

Each nappy comes as a complete unit - absorbent insert included. The absorber is made from bamboo. Bamboo is ultra absorbent, naturally antibacterial and a sustainable resource. Packaged in a complimentary wetbag (useful for travelling - don't throw it away!).

Trim fitting and stylish, choose from the following colour combinations: White (white lining) Cream (chocolate lining) Pastel Pink (white lining) Pastel Blue (navy lining) Pastel Green (green lining) Bold Green (green lining) Lme Green (white lining) Red (navy lining) Aqua Blue (white lining) Hot Pink (white lining)

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