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Acne and Teenage Skin

Teenage skin & oily skin types have a tendency to blackheads, acne and pimples. The best way to manage skin complaints & to combat acne is with a combination of a nourishing topical treatment and internal nutrient & herbal support.

A natural skin regime that gently cleanses the skin, without drying or stripping of essential nutrients, is imperative for a glowing complexion. It is just as vital to ensure adequate moisture levels with a cream such as Evohe Repair Intensive, and this will decrease scarring & improve healing time while preventing future outbreaks.

Herbs such as Nettle leaf, Burdock and Calendula are renowned for their blood cleansing and lymphatic properties which assist to clear the skin from the inside out. Nutritionally it is important to encourage the body’s ability to detoxify & clear toxins, as well as supporting the skin’s ability to repair & rejuvenate. Nutrients such as Vitamin C & Zinc are essential for skin repair which, along with a low dairy, gluten & antioxidant rich diet, will restore your skin’s natural glow!

Updates - 24 October 2014

Mann, N et al (2008), ‘The effect of a low glycemic load diet on acne vulgaris and the fatty acid composition of skin surface triglycerides’, Journal of Dermatological Science, Vol. 50, pp.41 -52.

Research has shown that the glycaemic load (GL) of your diet can make a difference in Acne. The glycaemic index (GI) is a measure of how quickly the sugars in food enter the bloodstream. The GL is a calculation that takes into account the GI and the quantity of sugar in the food. In the study above, a diet comprised of 25% protein, 30% fat and 45% low GI carbs (such as wholegrain pasta, vegetables and fruit) was compared to a standard high carbohydrate diet. Those who ate the experimental diet had changes to the oils on their face, as well as significantly less acne.

So, for better skin, try to stick to low GI and low GL carbs, and include good amounts of protein and healthy fats in your diet. 

Vive Health Naturopaths recommend the following products for Acne and Teenage Skin:

Products Suggested Dosage
1. Herbs of Gold Clear Skin (60 Tabs) 1 tab x 3 daily before meals.
2. Martin and Pleasance Combo D (125 Tabs) 2 tabs dissolved under tongue 2 x daily (1/2 hr away from food).
3. Ethical Nutrients Zinc Fix  (100g) 1/2 tsp x 2 daily with meals.

4. Ethical Nutrients Inner Health Plus (30 caps) OR

Ethical Nutrients Inner Health Plus Dairy Free (30 Caps)

1 cap x 2 daily with meals.
5. Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Face Wash (150ml) Wash face twice daily.
6. Evohe Repair Intensive (100ml) 2-3 x daily after cleansing.
7. Evohe Silica Mask (100ml) Use mask daily for four days, then use weekly.
8. Silicea Silica Gel (500ml, 500ml x 2) Topical application x 2 daily following face wash.
9. Planet Organic Detox Tea Bags (25 bags) Drink as much as required…3 - 5 cups daily between meals.

NOTE: Consideration should always be given to individual requirements.  Please consider seeing a qualified practitioner before commencing a new treatment protocol or when combining supplements with pharmaceutical medication.

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