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Broken Bones and Fractures

Breaks & fractures are certainly painful initially and, as the repair process can often be slow and tedious time it may seem that nothing can be done short of waiting. Fortunately research into bone physiology has identified key nutrients which are able to assist.

The length of time that it takes for repair and remodelling of the bone is highly dependant on the ‘raw materials’ available for the body. Nutrients such as Calcium, Boron, Silica, Vitamin D, Vitamin C & Zinc are all important for repair, and ensuring that the body has sufficient amounts of these will certainly accelerate the healing process.

Calcium levels can be maintained with foods such as broccoli, tinned salmon (including the bones) and tahini, however if people are deficient due to reasons such as poor diet, digestive issues, high intake of caffeine or high acidity levels in the body it is important to supplement. A Calcium supplement like Nutralife’s Calcium Complex contains Calcium in its bioavailable form as well as nutrients such as Vitamin D, Boron, Manganese and Vitamin K which assist calcium to work effectively in the body.

Avoiding foods which deplete Calcium levels is also crucial. Coffee, carbonated drinks (soft drinks), alcohol, excessive amounts of red meat and highly processed or refined foods are to be avoided.

Vitamin D is fundamental to bone health as it aids the absorption of Calcium into the body. Vitamin D deficiency is more common than most people think & so it can be very helpful to Vitamin D levels tested. If Vitamin D levels are found to be low it is advisable to supplement the nutrient alone in a higher dose; this is particularly relevant to women who are post-menopausal as bone density tends to decrease as estrogen levels drop – this leaves women in this age group more prone to hip fractures which can often be slow to heal.

Traditionally Comfrey or ‘knit bone’ is a herb used for assisting bone repair & reducing discomfort during the healing process. Comfrey Cream can be applied to the area three to four times daily.

Updates - 24 October 2014

Beneto, Vet al  (2011), ‘Anthropometry, physical activity and hip fractures in the elderly’,  Injury, Volume 42, Issue 2, pp: 188-193.

A large study of almost 28 000 European elderly showed that higher BMIs were associated with a lowered risk of hip fracture. As hip fractures are associated with considerable disability and loss of independence, diminished quality of life and reduced survival, this is an important finding. The reason may be that the extra weight increases bone remodelling, as it is increases the load on the bones.  Also, fat tissue may help to cushion and protect the bones if a person falls or bumps them.


Vive Health Naturopaths recommend the following products for Broken Bones and Fractures:

Products Suggested Dosage
1. Nutra Life Super Calcium Complex Gold (120 Tabs, 240 Tabs) 2 caps x 2 daily.
2. Nutra Life Vitamin D3 1000IU (60 Caps) 1 cap daily (with a fat containing meal).
3. Martin & Pleasance Comfrey Cream (100g) Apply to area of break (as long as there is no broken skin) 3 x daily.
4. Nutra Life Silicaplex 5000 Plus Zinc 1 cap x 2 daily.
5. Nutra Life Joint Care Ultra Move (60 Caps) 2 caps daily with food.
6. Herbs of Gold Quercetin complex (60 Tabs) 1 tab x 3 daily (for the first week or so).
7. Nutralife Digestive Enzymes (60 Caps) 2 caps x 2 daily (away from meals) for the first two weeks.

NOTE: Consideration should always be given to individual requirements.  Please consider seeing a qualified practitioner before commencing a new treatment protocol or when combining supplements with pharmaceutical medication.

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