Gluten Free Oats, Cereals and Grains - in Australia

Gluten free cereals and grains are great in the morning, in baking, or as a work or school snack. Gluten free cereals are usually made with rice, corn, amaranth or quinoa.

We also stock a range of gluten free oats alternatives that can still be enjoyed as a good quick snack regardless of the time of day.

In addition to the delicious and nutritious gluten free grains such as quinoa, corn and rice, many of the gluten free oats alternatives and cereals may also contain an array of nuts and seeds, dried fruit, cocoa and/or coconut.

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Forbidden Foods Red Rice
from $9.25
Kitz Paleo Granola
from $17.40
inc. GST 10%
Lotus Soy Grits
from $7.15
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