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AdvDip Nutrition

Professional Interests:
Digestive Health
Skin Disorders
Fatigue and Stress Management
Dietary Plans for Diabetes
Weight management and eating behaviours
Dietary counseling
Women's Health

Detox and Weight Loss Programs


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Megan has always held an interest in food (being a foodie and also years of home cooking) along with health, fitness and exercise.  Megan was drawn to natural therapies as they can be used for so many conditions, not just one illness/condition with rarely the side effects pharmaceutical drugs have, ensuring an enhanced transition to good health via a holistic approach to treatment strategies.

Megan was a legal secretary for 15 years, but her passion for food, health and desire to help others led her to study nutrition.  She studied part time for seven years and completely understands the pressure of full time work/part-time study and the impact this can have on energy, stress levels, immune support, general wellness and wellbeing. 

She believes that good diet, exercise and lifestyle changes alone can often be enough to combat many illnesses and diseases with prevention always being better than cure.  Many conditions can be triggered due to nutritional deficiencies and Megan likes to focus on bringing these nutritional deficiencies into balance within the body using food as medicine, nutritional supplements, exercise and lifestyle prescriptions.

She considers good food and a healthy lifestyle as extremely important, however so too is enjoying life, therefore achieving good health should be about creating a nutritional and lifestyle balance.

As a fully qualified Nutritionist, Megan likes to help people achieve good health by equipping them with nutritional knowledge whilst also providing individually tailored dietary/lifestyle plans, cooking tips and recipes.

Megan utilises various testing including food allergy, hormonal and stress hormones (blood, saliva or urine) if further investigation is required.

Her areas of special interest include digestive health, diabetes, women’s health (including prenatal planning, pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause), skin conditions, healthy weight loss and detox, immune systems and stress management.

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