Modern Day Hippie

Modern Day Hippie

At Modern Day Hippie our Raw & Organic Snack Mixes have been specially designed for those wanting to eat healthy and reduce the amount of processed foods. Each mouthful is not only nutrient-rich but tantalising.

We wanted to create a product which was quick, simple and removed the need to buy highly processed pre packaged snacks. There is NO measuring or baking required simply blend, roll & refrigerate.

We all live such busy lives and sometimes don’t get a chance to sit down and have a meal. We want each mouthful to be highly nutritious and nourish your body.This is why we have included superfoods as well as many other highly beneficial, seeds, nuts (there are nut free options available) and fruit.


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  • Run by Naturopaths and Nutritionists
  • Certified Organic Food
  • Gluten Free Products