The company is specialised in prevention means against the effects (itching and irritation) of mosquito bites.

Our refillable wristbands and clips, based on a proprietary technology of impregnation of essential oils into polymers, have become the reference in natural prevention against mosquito bites effects (irritation and itching) in France and Spain where Para'Kito™ holds the number one position.

Para'Kito ™ has quickly expanded from its initial footprint in Western Europe into a international brand present in the five continents.

Colour clips are also available in a range of six colours and can be attached to clothing or hand luggage for a convenient and smart way to guard against the mosquito bites effects (irritation and itching).

Para’Kito™ is a natural product. The Para’Kito™ pellet does not come in contact with the skin; as such Para’Kito™ is suitable for pregnant women and young children and recommended for individuals susceptible to skin allergies and irritations.

We believe that our growing success with consumers in many countries reflects a global desire and high expectations from consumers to use efficient, natural and convenient prevention against mosquito bites effects (irritaion and itching).


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