The Internal Plumber

The Internal Plumber

The story of The Internal Plumber can be traced to pre-historic times!

Literally millions of years ago microscopic crustaceans were fossilised to form one of The Internal Plumber’s key ingredients - fossil shell flour (also known as Diatomaceous Earth). The other strand to the story starts over 3,000 years ago when Chinese herbal medicine practice began.

We live in a time where diet and a hectic lifestyle can lead to many stresses on our body. This is particularly true of our digestive tract – those ten metres of ‘piping’ from our mouth to backside. Many of us just aren’t properly discarding waste and toxins. These can then build-up in the twists and turns of our intestines. Both Eastern and Western natural therapies agree a clean digestive tract (also known as your ‘plumbing’) works far more efficiently and is a key facet to the treatment of many health conditions.

The Internal Plumber was developed over many years by our passionate team that includes a Naturopath, Chinese Medicine Herbalist and Nutritionist. We knew from years of practice and research that TIP’s active ingredients on their own – fossil shell flour and high potency granular Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herbs – can be highly effective in the treatment of digestive, skin and weight-loss conditions among others. But with inquisitive, scientific minds we wanted to go further.

The big idea we had was to combine the fossil flour with Chinese herbs.


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