Anti-Ageing - in Australia

Anti-Ageing is not only about helping you to look fabulous as you grow older, but also helping you to be healthier. As well as skincare and treatments to slow (or stop) the clock, you'll find supplements and functional foods in this section. All of these have been studied or used traditionally to enhance vitality and add years to your life. Some of the Vive favourites are:


Evohe Moisture 24/7

This is a favourite of many Vive staff and customers alike. The light, non-greasy moisturiser contains Edelweiss & Nectapure from the Swiss Alps. These plants have evolved to thrive in conditions of high UV, low atmospheric pressure & extreme temperatures and their pollution resistant metabolites enhance skin firmness & elasticity while detoxifying & moisturising. Their powerful antioxidants also protect against damaging free radicals, providing unique benefits for all skin types.

You're never too young to start looking after your skin with this powerful formula.


Loving Earth Organic Raw Dark Chocolate 100g

The anti-ageing not-so-secret that everyone loves - dark chocolate! It's good for the brain, heart and blood vessels, but most important for many... it also tastes great. The flavanols in cocoa may also lower the risk of type 2 diabetes, kidney disease and dementia.

Loving Earth chocolate is raw, and has been shown in university studies to have double the antioxidants of normal chocolate (also higher than goji and acai berries). This chocolate is organic, free from nasty chemicals, and fair trade, so it's good for you and the farmer. Eat up...


Vital Greens Phyto Nutrient Superfood (120g, 300g, 600g)

Vital greens is a great tasting supplement containing over 75 herbs and superfoods to enhance your vitality. It gently boosts detoxification and alkalises the ageing body. The ingredients also provide a natural pick-me-up and bucketloads of antioxidants to boost stamina, endurance and the immune system.


Melrose Chlorella 500mg (100 tabs, 200 tabs, 120g powder)

Chlorella is a green algae which one of the highest known food sources of DNA and RNA. Dr Bernard Jensen was a key proponent of this as an anti-ageing supplement, as he believed it would assist in the repair of damaged genetic material thus slowing the ageing process.

This particular Chlorella supplement has been processed so that it is easier to digest - increased bioavailability from 40 to 80%.


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2Die4 Live Foods Activated Organic Walnuts
from $12.95
inc. GST 10%
Amazonia Raw Prebiotic Greens
from $34.95
inc. GST 10%
Essential Nutrition Sibelius Sage
from $39.95
inc. GST 10%
Evohe Body Mist
from $39.50
inc. GST 10%
Evohe Cleanse
from $30.90
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Evohe Colours Mineral Powder Make Up
from $52.90
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Evohe Omega 3.6.9
from $59.95
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Evohe Omega Body
from $45.90
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Evohe Repair Intensive
from $51.90
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Fusion Calcium Advanced
from $42.95
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Fusion CoQ10 150mg
from $45.95
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Fusion Glucosamine Premium Repair
from $80.55
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