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Infant Reflux

by Melissa LeBreton BHSc Naturopathy Reflux is a condition where the acid contents of the stomach are regurgitating into the oesophagus causing pain. This occurs as the sphincter or door to the stomach is immature in babies and doesn’t close … Continue reading

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Heartburn and Reflux during Pregnancy

by Tessa Finney-Brown BHSc Naturopathy Inez Hanson Adv. Dip. Homeopathy Another all-too-common complaint during pregnancy is GORD, or gastro-oesophageal reflux. You might know it as heartburn, that burning discomfort in the chest and throat (usually after eating). Nearly two thirds … Continue reading

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How Much Protein

By Matt Steinacher BHSc Complementary Medicine Many people ask us at Vive about protein: how much should I consume, which is the best source, or what’s the best supplement for me? Protein is a fundamental component of the daily diet. … Continue reading

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Welcome to Vive Health Blog!

Vive Health would like to welcome you to our brand new Blog! We hope that you will enjoy reading about the wonderful way we at Vive approach natural medicine and are able to look and feel better at a result. … Continue reading

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