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New Year’s Resolutions: How to Get Fit and Healthy Without Dieting

Most people welcome the new year by promising to turn over a new leaf and become a better version of themselves. Topping the list of the most common New Year’s resolutions are: getting fit, losing weight and getting healthy. But … Continue reading

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Gestational Diabetes Diet and Lifestyle Tips

By Nutritionist Megan Crockart Gestational Diabetes (“GD”) is now a very common place term – between 5%-8% of pregnant women are developing GD between week 24-28. If you haven’t heard of it, it is a form of diabetes that can … Continue reading

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Top 10 Health Food Trends for 2016

In the last 10 years of running Vive Health, we have observed more and more people becoming increasingly aware of how their health and well-being can impact the quality and enjoyment of life. We love that people are motivated to … Continue reading

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Organic Makeup to Protect and Nourish Your Skin

The skin is our largest organ and first line of defence to the outside world. So it’s important to consider not only what you are putting into your body, but also what you are putting onto your body. Your skin … Continue reading

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