Hypnosis for Fear of Needles

Currently I have been working with many people who have an intense fear of needles.  Hypnosis can support people to experience relief from that fear.

Hypnosis is a communication with the unconscious mind.  Let’s make a distinction between the conscious and unconscious minds.  The conscious mind is our immediate awareness at any point in the day.  Typically, people are aware of between five to nine things at any point in time.  The unconscious mind is aware of so much more and it is the realm of our habits, values, beliefs, long term memory, emotions, bodily functions, personality, behaviours.  Our reality and life experience is based on these unconscious filters.

This is why working with hypnosis to alleviate fears and phobias can be so helpful.

I very often – in fact typically – work with people who know what they want to be doing and yet find themselves unable to make that jump into action.

People who smoke and yet want to stop; people who want to change the way they eat and find themselves continuing to eat unhealthy foods and/or unhealthy quantities of foods; people who suffer with debilitating anxiety even though they know they are living safe lives; people with phobias of things that they know will not harm them.  This list is not complete by any means.  And now many people are being confronted by their fear of needles and maybe hypnosis can offer you relief from that.




Hypnotherapy can be useful in developing new and healthier responses. If you want to know more about hypnosis call Katina on 0415480804 or email at katina@focushypnotherapy.com.au

Katina Gleeson is a hypnotherapist, social worker & counsellor who is passionate about working with people to achieve their best personally & professionally. 

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