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What is Hypnosis and how might hypnosis assist you?

The range of issues people have come to see me for have included:   Anxiety, self-esteem & confidence Fears & phobias Weight loss Quit Smoking Alcohol & substance dependency Control and management of pain and other physical symptoms Depression Bed … Continue reading

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Seven Part Series, Part 2: Sacral Chakra

By Jo Smith Kinesiology and Reiki Practitioner & Instructor   Is Your Sacral Chakra Balanced – Do you allow your creative juices to flow and enjoy life?   Welcome as we continue our self-discovery of our energy centres also known … Continue reading

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Inflammation and it’s effect on Mood, Compulsion and Addiction

Excerpts of this article are taken from an excellent paper written by Naturopath Lena Moynihan. Lena’s paper is a thoroughly researched piece that was written on an accepted theory that inflammation is at the core of mood disorders and contributes … Continue reading

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Hot Cross Bun Slice or outside of Easter Spiced Syrup Slice

This recipe is free of dairy, refined grains and refined sugar and comes from “My Plate Clean Treats”.  This is so delicious that you can make all year round and just leave the cross off.  It will definitely be a … Continue reading

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7 Techniques To Help You Manage Stress

There are many psychological stressors such as a person, an issue, an event, or memory that can cause our hearts to race, inflict headaches and cause shoulder tension and stress. But reducing stress gets easier if you know exactly what … Continue reading

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9 Organic Foods to Increase Your Workplace Productivity

Work makes up a big portion of our day and it is common to feel drained, burnt out and sluggish from the day.  Finding ways to stay energetic, productive and motivated are essential to our well being and happiness. Below … Continue reading

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Exploring Alternatives to Standard Grains

The most industrialised grains in the world are corn, wheat and soy (which is technically not a grain, but a legume). They make up a large part of animal fodder and also regularly appear in the “Western” diet. However many … Continue reading

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