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Stressed? Meditation Classes at Vive Will Help You Become Clear and Calm

By Ensha. We live in a world that values activity, being extra busy and achievement, interestingly more and more people still have a fundamental need for -time out, contemplation space and stillness. While meditation assists with the modern day dis … Continue reading

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Resveratrol – The Super Nutrient Helping You Live Longer!

By Matt Steinacher Apowerful antioxidant, resveratrol has quickly become one of the most researched phytochemicals we know.  Resveratrol is primarily found in the skins of red and white grapes (significantly more in red), peanuts and berries.  We all know of … Continue reading

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Helpful Health Advice for You and Your New Baby!

By Tessa Finney-Brown and Inez Hanson Pregnancy Whether your first or your fifth pregnancy, each baby brings a new and different experience. Even the healthiest of pregnancies can sometimes be troubled by uncomfortable niggles, such as heartburn or constipation. Over … Continue reading

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Is Natural Medicine the Holistic Approach to Mental Wellness You’ve Been Looking For?

I heard the poignant answer to this at a seminar by Naturopath Stephen Eddie a few nights ago: “people don’t become depressed because they have a Prozac deficiency.” This is not to detract from the crucial and sometime life-saving role … Continue reading

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Self Love… What does it mean to love yourself?

By Linda Brown Self -respect, self -regard, self-care – these are all different forms of self love. Self -love is an overlooked but crucial aspect to our life and well-being. Consider if you did not have these elements in place? … Continue reading

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Are you getting enough Protein for optimal brain function?

by Linda Brown Good carbohydrates fire up the brain with fuel. Good fats construct receptors in brain cells and allow them to listen. Good proteins convert to neurotransmitters and allow your brain cells to speak to each other. For this … Continue reading

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