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Top 5 Tips for avoiding overwhelm at Christmas time

This year, I invite you to decide to do things a little differently. What if this season – before things get crazy, you take a moment to reconnect to what the meaning of Christmas is about for YOU. What if … Continue reading

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Making This Christmas Your Best Ever!

To help keep Christmas as harmonious and meaningful as possible, we try to have Christmas plans revolve around being as intentional and authentic as possible. This year for my family, Christmas is about celebrating the good that is in our … Continue reading

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Hypnosis Can Help You Quit Smoking

We all know that there are vey good reasons to stop smoking and yet knowing these reasons is often not enough to make a smoker stop. This is because the part of a person that knows the reason for stopping … Continue reading

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Is Your Cookware Making You Sick?

At around the 200 degrees Celsius mark, most non-stick cookware begins to release harmful chemicals that can give rise to a suite of health problems. Non-stick pots and pans are coated with a synthetic polymer that contains the carcinogenic chemical … Continue reading

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Why You Should be Thinking About Natural Makeup

Many women wear makeup every day. We brush, smear and rub it on our faces, to a large extent unaware of the contents of the products. In many cases, women even find that makeup products promote skin conditions like acne. … Continue reading

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