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Hypnotherapy and Anxiety – Part 1…

By Katina Gleeson Can hypnotherapy assist people experiencing anxiety?  In my experience as a clinical hypnotherapist the answer is yes.  I am keen to share some of my observations about how and why hypnotherapy can be a powerful form of … Continue reading

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Oats! Are they Gluten Free?

By Megan Crockhart, Nutritionist This is the question being asked quite frequently lately as there are more oat products coming onto the market which are claiming to be gluten free/wheat free. As a general rule of thumb, it has always … Continue reading

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The Fluoride Debate

Fluoride has been added to Brisbane’s water supply since December 2008. The debate about whether this form of fluoride is beneficial in our water supply is ongoing, and involves concerns of safety, choice and benefits. In this article we look … Continue reading

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Organic Foods Versus Whole Foods

With the plethora of food terminology and food labeling out there it can get confusing trying to decipher exactly what businesses are trying to communicate. Words start to take on the same meanings because marketing companies and businesses are using … Continue reading

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