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Leia Mulroy |



BHSc Health Science (Nutritional Medicine)


Professional Interests:

Food and Environmental Intolerances and Allergies

Digestive and Gastro-Intestinal Health

SIBO & FODMAP Treatment Plans

Children’s Nutrition

Immune Disorders

Skin Conditions

Detox & Weight Loss Plans


Leia is a practicing Clinical Nutritionist who has a strong passion for Digestive and Gastrointestinal Health and its connecting effects to Immune function, Metabolism, Nervous system and Emotional Wellbeing.

Leia seeks to treat all aspects of wellness by focusing on person’s complex array of contributing factors that may be relevant with finding and treating the underlying cause. The human body is a complex design and no two are ever the same. This is why it is important to consider all factors no matter how small. From the type of food you eat, your blood type, medications, underlying nutrient deficiencies, too much bigger impacts such as genetic mutations, chronic infections and diseases.

Leia’s individual treatment programs are formulated on evidence- based nutritional supplements, personalised dietary plans and lifestyle modifications. Pathology testing may be implemented as part of the treatment plans to determine the root cause of the presenting symptoms, monitor progress, and allow the client to get a first hand, biochemical level look at what is going on in their body.

Leia’s goal is to educate, support and inspire long term lifestyle changes with a focus on self responsibility and care. Providing the knowledge and tools for individual change, can create shifts in old belief patterns, habits, emotions and physical ailments. Leia holds a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine.


Booking Details

Initial Consultation (1 hour): $120.00

Initial Follow up (45 minutes): $85.00

Ongoing Follow up (30 minutes): $55.00

Skype & Phone Consultations also available (New & Existing Clients)


Upon booking an initial consultation with Leia, you will be provided with an Welcome pack that includes information about the consultation and a confidential health history intake form. This is to be filled out and returned to Leia via email prior to the consultation.

It is advised to please also bring along any current supplementation, medications and recent pathology test results.

For more information on Leia please head over to

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